SSH keeps disconnecting when launching camera

So, I am running the magni on a ubuntu 18.04 and ros melodic.

The camera I am using is an intel realsense d435, and basically whenever I launch the camera at times, the connection through ssh and remote desktop drops. It doesn’t reconnect either.

Side note, I actually was able to run everything fine before without any issues.

However, I have noticed this problem comes with something related to charging the magni as well.
So, what happens is, the magni wouldn’t boot up, so I connect it to the charger, and it only charges for a few seconds. I turn it on, and then the charges continues charging again…?

So, does this mean:

  • I need a bigger power supply for operating the camera?
  • I need to replace the batteries?
  • I need to replace the charger?
  • I am just paranoid?

Any ideas are welcome, if you have encountered a similar experience please let me know

Well the Pi does have a current limit of 1.2A for all 4 ports combined, and the Realsense could draw more from what I recall using it, so you’ll need to find a way to power it separately for best reliability.

I think the easiest way would be to find some kind of data/power splitter, that splits the single USB out from the Realsense into Data only → Pi and Power only → MCB USB.

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interesting… any recommendations on power splitters? or have you seen anything like this used before?

Well in general it’s pretty simple, the thing just needs to connect 5V and GND to one port and D± and GND to another. If I were doing it I’d just grab any USB extender and do a teardown and rewire the leads, but I’m probably not representative of your use case :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure these things must exist though, a google image search seems to show some options that look about right. Another option would probably be a powered usb hub I suppose, those should be easier to get.

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For sure use the ‘blue’ USB 3 connectors on Pi4 for any of the higher power devices. As far as total power, that may be a problem.

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