Spud the Bot ~ progress

Will be adding a Lidar this weekend along with a simple “follow me” mode.

A walk in the park is coming soon!

Processing power (so far):

Raspberry Pi 4b in head
Jetson Nano in head
Raspberry Pi 4b in torso
Jetson Xavier in torso
a bucket full of Arduinos scattered throughout


two cameras in head
one microphones in head
two Lidar units
a tubful of sonar blasters


touchscreen mouth display


The skull design is cool. Add a couple dummy arms to make it more personable. The crouds love robots that have human appendages. The arms don’t even need to do anything. Or can do simple twitches you trigger in some way based on your sensors.

Re: Jetson Xavier in torso Dems some serious Suds! Nice

Xavier will be running abstract ML models…it can do a LOT of thinking using abstraction…

Working on the skeleton and torso…so we have something to which we can attach the arms…

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Again, I get a kick out of that face and the use of display as a mouth.
The hat is a bit of fun too.
BUT it is the Xavier that brings up the real techno-jealousy
If you end up with ROS on the Xavier, let us know the good and the bad things you ran into and solved. Fun project!


Looks cool, I kinda like that its wearing a hat instead of just a skull :slight_smile: