Sonar / Ultrasound Sensor persistence in cost map

Hi Ubiquity and Robotic enthusiasts,

I added sonars to ubiquity and wanted to sense glass or mirrors as the lidar could not sense the glass or mirror but sonar data is not persistant in the costmap


I have added a layer to it as below Please note the “observation_persistence” parameter I want a similar parameter or this to work

ns: “/ultrasound_controller”
clear_threshold: 0.20
mark_threshold: 0.90
inflate_cone: 0.30
clear_on_max_reading: false
observation_persistence: 2.0
#topics: ["/cliff_front_right","/cliff_front_left","/cliff_rear_right","/cliff_rear_left"]
topics: ["/ultrasound_left","/ultrasound_front1","/ultrasound_front2","/ultrasound_right","/ultrasound_back1","/ultrasound_back2"]
I wanted to make the ultrasound sensing in the cost map to be persistant, so that ubuquity base can work around the sensed obstacle but it gets cleared and

Pic when sensing the obstacle
Pic after rotating the Bot 90 degree, the obstacle is vanishing

Is there a way to set range_sensor_layer to be have better observation_persistence / persistence?

in ros wiki for range_sensor_layer, i could not find observation_persistence!!
Is there any way to make ultrasound range readings persistent in cost map

Karthikeyan Mitran

We Fixed this by creating a new scan layer from the range sensor data and adding it as a separate layer.

Karthikeyan Mitran