SERVICE NOTE: Verify you have Coin Cell Battery installed


Verify your CoinCell battery is present and installed properly or you will have problems running the motors! The coin cell battery keeps the time between power-off intervals and is critical!

We were unable to get production to load the CR2032 battery so all first run units (all manufactured units shipped to this date) did not ship with a critically required coin cell battery loaded into the connector on the back of the controller board (near top - center on back of board).

Also it is very easy to bend the ‘dual forked’ contact that must make contact to the negative side of this CR2032 battery or you in short do not have a battery.

Please review this picture and get one of these very very common batteries generally available all over the place at stores that have a camera or ‘tech’ department.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but it was something that happened out of our hands.