RTAB-Slam, is it doable on the rpi3?


I’m wondering is RTAB-Slam (mapping and navigation) doable on the existing raspberri Pi 3 on Magni? or will it struggle and crash?

any reply on this please?

That sounds obscure, I don’t suppose anyone’s tried it yet so it’s hard to say if it works or not. Regardless if you were to try it I’d suggest going with a Pi 4 instead.

As an added note: Should you decide to try that Slam package and decide to put in a Pi4, only put in a Pi4 if your MCB (main magni board) is rev 5.2 or 5.3 as we cannot support Pi4 on earlier MCB boards with any certainty. Thanks.

@mjstn2011 ,

So extremely very difficult to perform RTAB-Mapping with Magni (which failed as well…)

but using another Platform - it’s just a breeze and only took less than 10 minutes for a single area.