ROSbridge with the RaspberryPi image

Hi Everyone!

Total newbie here so thank you for the awesome forum and support.

I’m using the Image on a RasberryPi 3 and am trying to install the ROSbridge package so that i can open a websocket and control the bot that way.

I’m having issues launching what I thought was the server as $roscore returns that I’m already running roscore/master (ROS_MASTER_URI) on a local port (11311).

I have put ROSbridge into catkin_ws/src/ and rebuilt the catkin workspace - but am unsure how to set up the next step as the tutorials I’m following say to run a roscore … but I’m already running the ubiquity one

Is there any advice?

Try doing the instructions you have but leave off the starting of roscore. By default we start roscore because unless you have disabled it we try to startup the Magni Robot which our Pi image is meant to support. Do you have a web link that points to what you are trying to do and I can take a look if you are still having issues not starting roscore.

Please also see this page on ROSBridge