ROS_MASTER_URI and roscore problem

Hi, I’ve just installed a raspberry image from ubiquity. And I got some problem, first is that when I started roscore it keeps saying there was a roscore already running, so I have to stop it to run roscore.secondly is that I can’t modify the ros_master_uri, I often do that by export the IP into bashrc. but evenif I did that, when running roscore, it keeps saying ros_master_uri (xxxx) host is not set to this machine, and then it auto start a new master. How can I fix that?

you need to first of all see our page we setup for users who are not using a Magni product.
Please note that we make this image for our product and share it to others who may find it saves them a great deal of time.

ROS_MASTER_URI is normally setup and exported in a users .bashrc
You should try loging in as user ubuntu with password also ubuntu and look at the .bashrc there

@drtritm: In addition to the magni software, there is a separate roscore process running at boot.
You can disable it with sudo systemctl disable roscore.

If you want to change the ROS_MASTER_URI, make sure you set it after the source /etc/ubiquity/ line in the .bashrc.

Thanks for linking that page Mark. There are a couple things missing that we should add (issue open

Thanks Rohan, I thought roscore was desired for the usage but in any case I have added the disable of roscore. I had mentioned this page but it was a busy time for you so you may not have seen my plea for inputs and announcement of this key page for non Magni uses of the image.

I’ll have to look at the other thing in the issue at some later time

I have added this info as well as another unrelated issue that users of the image who do not use the image for Magni robot can be aware of things such as disable of our Magni software as well as disable of roscore