Question about the wheels

I have a question regarding the Magni’s wheels and their Hall effect sensor. I was wondering which model of Hall effect sensor is used in the wheels that come with the Magni Silver? Additionally, could someone please inform me about the voltage supplied from the MCB (Motor Control Board) to the wheels or the Hall effect sensors?

I’m using the 5.0 MCB if it’s important.


Yeah, I would like too know the model too. I have like 5 wheels that I think the hall sensor is fucked, and searching on the forum I only found a topic saying that it’s a 5v hall, don’t know if it can be generic any hall or not, don’t really have the experience

Hey there! I got in touch with a group of people who fix hub motors in my area, and I purchased the hall sensor they said is the most common (bought directly from them). I don’t really know the exact model, but maybe you can do the same. Anyway, I will replace and if it works I can ask them the exact model so you can get one too.

We use an integrated wheel with brushless 3-phase powerful motor and some planetary gearing. Inside this wheel is where the encoders reside and they are part of the whole wheel assembly. The encoders put out a 3 phase encoded quadrature signals and we decode them and then control the motor PID control loop with those signals.

As special orders we can supply wheel assemblies but I am a tech guy and don’t know how that is priced. If you wish to purchase these wheel assemblies it is a special order and send an email to . In the subject I suggest you put Attention Mark and also ‘Request to purchase wheel assemblies’

So basically there is no ‘encoder part number’ we only deal with the entire wheel/motor/encoder full assembly with a custom cable that plugs into our MCB board.

Additional Info on Wheels: The firmware expects these exact wheels to get the wheel ‘odometry’ correct.

Thank you for your offer on suppling info on encoders but we are fixed in terms of our production so cannot use other encoders in this model of the Magni.

Also, the standard wheels have not changed since our first shipments in terms of pinout, sizes, load specifications and gear ratios however we have in very limited cases supplied a different model of wheel assembly that our most recent firmware can also support but that is a special situation.