Publish_odom_tf param on magni_bringup config

when set to true, will it always publish a odom->base_link tf? Or, if I remap the ‘/odom’ topic to, for example, ‘/odom_remapped,’ will it then publish odom_remapped->base_lin’?

If the latter is the case, how can I ensure that it always publishes the ‘odom->base_link’ transform, regardless of the ‘odom’ topic that ubiquity is publishing?

saw that the tf is odom->base_footprint, and that I can change de tf using the base_frame_id parameter. Sorry for the stupid question

In all this stuff that was not a ‘stupid question’. I had not gotten around to looking at this yet so it is good it has ‘self resolved’ from your end.
Take Care, Mark

Hey Mark. Thanks for the response.

I’ll make use of this topic to avoid spamming the forum:

I’m using a mcb 5.3, latest desktop noetic image on a pi4; setting the publish_odom_tf to false doesn’t seen to do anything, as even after a reboot it is still publishing the odom->base_footprint tf; confirmed this through the tf_tree.

I saw on “How to change the topic that odom is published” that you said to check the params on the magni pkgs inside catkin_ws too, so changed it both on the package at the root and at catkin_ws, but that didn’t work either.

Just to be clear, I changed the publish_odom_tf to false, on magni_bringup config, on both root and catkin_ws and it still publishes the tf. Did I miss something, or is there another file I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I found out that the file that really matters to change the param is the robot.yaml at etc/ubiquity. Changing the publish_odom_tf there will work independently of how you have set the parameter at magni_bringup config.