Problem with Rvis

Hi, When I try to run
roslaunch magni_viz view_robot.launch
I get the error
Couldn't find an AF_INET address for [RPmagni.local]

I followed the documentation and already installed the command below,
sudo apt install ros-kinetic-magni-robot
Please do assist

Hmm so assuming you’ve set up the workstation connection properly otherwise you could try finding the ROS_MASTER_URI line where you defined RPmagni.local and replace it with the actual ip of the robot, since it seems that your local DNS can’t resolve that hostname. So something like:


Assuming it does then send the topic names, but no actual data you’ll also have to define the hostnames of both machines in both the robot and the workstation’s /etc/hosts file.

Managed to run rvis by editting /etc/hosts


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