Problem with I2C

Im having an issue with I2C on the image, i had to delete a lot of files and one of them was robot yaml which is giving me a warning saying the some gpio pins are being used, i disabled the magni-base and the warnings keep coming, and i have python node for my Mpu6050 and the error 121 is showing up saying remote I/O error, i need to know what steps to take in order to fix this errors

Thanks Kolinha, welcome to the forum.

Could you please give us a detailed description of.
a) What are you trying to do.
b) What software you are trying to integrate.
c) What specific errors you are trying to ameliorate. Sometimes a specific copy paste of the error you are trying to deal with can help.


by the end of today ill link an image but in order to help you ill explain:

Im trying to do a mecanum robotic platform with autonomous nav based on a map, im using a project made in 2020 which is called dextrobot, it uses 4 ultrasonic sensors with gpio scripts and 1 MPU6050 with a script using smbus and I2C,

all the sensors scripts are showing that the gpios are in use, which aren’t cause i didn’t connected anything into the pins, and the mpu is showing the error 121, Remote I/O error.

I need to get past this errors in order to know if there is more, cause i have almost no knowledge on ROS i learned python and ROS in the last 3 months so any help you can give to fix is welcomed.

PS: Im using the latest kinetic distro

Well it may be pigpiod that’s running in the background that’s keeping the pins occupied, I’m not sure if we had that already on kinetic but it may be worth checking if you can disable it with systemctl.

Our sonar board node pi_sonar uses a lot of the pins for trig/echo so make sure that’s not running (should be enough to remove it from the base.launch). There generally shouldn’t be any problems with i2c, as long as you don’t have any devices with address conflicts (e.g. two of the same sensor).

You should probably ask DextroBot devs for help, since this all rather custom.

Btw, we’re generally no longer supporting kinetic as it’s been EoL for almost 2 years now and we don’t really use it anymore. The learn docs for it are up regarding the magni, but Xenial itself will be EoL in 3 years and stuff like apt will stop working, so your installation won’t be able to live very long even if you get it working.

i just need it to work for april which is when i will present my project
i dont know if i can post code here so you can see what is going on