Pi Image Kernel Panic

I received the following error when trying to run the ubuntu image on my Pi B+ v1.2, I tried different images, SD cards and re-downloading without success. Similar crashes suggest reducing core clock or startup turbo help but I couldn’t get it to work.
Crash Report:

Hey @Frank,

Please make sure that you have a stable power supply, and re-flash your MicroSD card and try again.

Also try another MicroSD if you can.


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Thanks for your advice, I found the strongest wall wart I could and re-flashed both my cards but still received the same error. Both the SD cards and power supplies worked with a standard raspian distro.

Hi I just saw that you mentioned that you are using a Pi B+ v1.2

Ubuntu only supports ARMv7 and up, which means the bare minimum would be a Pi 2, and we only test for Pi 3 support (Pi 4 upcoming).
So unfortunately, our image will not work on a Pi 1 or a Pi Zero.

Sorry about that.

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Thanks for your help and all the work you put into making this easy for beginners. Does ROS use the full 4gb of ram is the standard 2gb version of the pi4 more than enough?

It depends on what you are doing with ROS. All the Magni robots in the feild right now are using 1GB Pi 3B+.

If the money isn’t an issue, I would go for the 4GB just in case you want to do something memory intensive. Otherwise the 2GB model is probably enough for most things.


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