Outdoor navigation module recommendation

I am trying to implement an autonomous delivery robot, I am looking to use a camera and a radar for managing the path, i.e. for the robot not to stray, but I am looking for a possible method of navigating from point A to point B (along a specified path such as a sidewalk or a bike path) in an outdoor environment.

I was thinking about using:

  • A stereo camera for lane detection and using both the raspi camera and radar for obstacle detection and avoidance
  • The sonar, accompanied for obstacle avoidance
  • GPS and a magnetometer for guidance from point A to B (localization and having a map)

What would be your recommendation in terms of using the GPS? (I mean for packages, tutorials, possible documentation of similar projects, or even ros drivers for the GPS modules)

I am having a hard time deciding as the accuracy of the GPS may not be practical for usage, and the excess number of peripherals can be an issue for integration…

What other methods or approaches would you use?


I myself have no advice here. Most ALL our customers we work with are concerned about inside navigation where GPS is frequently of zero value as it gets messed up by metal in the building and signal is lost.

Perhaps somebody else will chime in. Sorry

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No issues, thank you for your reply!!