OLED Display For Magni rev 5.1 or later boards

We have posted a repository for a ROS node that is for driving an I2C interfaced small 1.3" display that has mounting and connectors if your Magni has a rev 5.1 board.

This node has been setup to be generic and not tied directly to the Magni product but with a current Magni we have mounting hole and connector right on the board and are looking into support of the display on future production runs.

This came up in an earlier thread a few months back.

By default this node will display the host name of the magni and the current IP address which can be handy for users who need the IP to SSH to the Magni (a common issue).

Besides that take a look at the README file on the repository and note it is possible to post your own messages by use of a message on a topic that the node listens to so that you can use the other lines of this display for your own uses. An example python script that writes to other lines of the display is in the scripts folder to help you get started.

New repository: https://github.com/UbiquityRobotics/oled_display_node

The readme also explains how to get the display in it’s generic form. We are searching for a fully supported display part number for this display but I can tell you they are all over the place on eBay just note the controller chip I mention and pins for the display in the Readme.

I hope this is useful to some folks.

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