New Version of raspicam_node (0.4.0)

The biggest improvement for most people is in the close time, raspicam_node now closes almost instantly on Ctrl-C instead of taking several seconds.

It is now available via sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade

Complete changelog:

  • Add support for optionally publishing raw image
  • Add parameter for selecting the camera id (Compute Module Only)
  • Don’t allocate new messages for every frame
  • Cleanup log noise
  • Fix gcc warnings (enable -Wall)
  • Fix dynamic reconfigure bug (Fixes #31)
  • Remove old unused cruft
  • Use unique_ptr with custom deleters to manage mmal components
  • Pass state around by reference instead of as a global
  • Use C++14
  • Use clang format from
  • Contributors: Jose Eduardo Laruta Espejo, Rohan Agrawal


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