Motor Specs ~ Voltage/Current

I have a Magni and want to experiment with various drive options.

I can’t find the motor specs in the documentation.

Please help.


I think @mjstn2011 or @davecrawley may know the exact answer.

I emailed the latter a few days ago after posting on another thread but haven’t heard back.

They always want to discuss things on the forum so everyone can benefit, so I started here first…

I’ll email mjstn2011 on Monday.

The motors are 24V, 200W BLDC motors that are customized for us. The motors have a gearbox inside that offers a 5:1 gear down ratio for increased torque and odometric precision. I would be extremely cautious about moving to different motors, the motor controller is designed for the motors and the motors for the motor controller. We have successfully tried other motors, but equally have also tried other motors where the end result was a charred motor controller.

We can help you by supplying you with other form factors of motor, tyre assembly (e.g. bigger wheels, off road wheels, etc) - but they all have the same motor core.

Why don’t you let me know what you are trying to achieve and then I may be able to find a way to help you.

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I have a robot topside which is designed to be switched between chassis (outdoor vs. indoor, for example). We currently have it stacked on a differential-steering outdoor base with an Arduino style processor driving motor controllers using PWM. We want to set up similar functionality using the Magni as our indoor base…bypassing the existing board for this mode and using the same Arduino controller but with suitable PWM driven BLDC drivers.

We hope to keep the magic smoke contained within all motors and controllers.

Doing some power calculations…

You say the motors are 200W…what is the max current per phase?