Magni robot with ubuntu 20.04 LTS?


I saw that you have uploaded Raspberry Pi Images for ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Till now I was using Raspberry Pi 4 and ubuntu 16.04 LTS but I wanted to update ubuntu and ROS versions to the latest ones. I see that it is possible now. My idea is to test some of the examples for path planning with RP Lidar realized with the latest versions of ubuntu and ROS2. What is the difference between ubuntu 20.04 LTS and ubuntu 20.04+GDM3. Which one of them is better to use? Thank you in advance!

Ah yeah you might need to wait a bit longer for ROS 2, since the current images are still on armhf (32 bit) architecture and not arm64 which ROS 2 requires. Although you could theoretically compile it yourself on armhf too but I wouldn’t recommend it. We’re working on getting one of those arm64 images out, but it’s not quite done yet.

Regardless the distinction between the two 20.04 images is that GDM3 is the gnome display manager, aka a desktop environment. The other image is simply headless and will come up with a terminal if a display is attached. If you’re only developing through SSH or a workstation link then the desktop environment often isn’t required. So it depends on your use case.