Magni_lidar with ROС noetic?


I would like to ask how to get your demo launch files? I have to update ~/catkin_ws/src/demos repository. Using ROS noetic I didn’t found demos folder. My question is: Is it possible to use your launch files like magni_lidar_mapmaker.launch, magni_lidar_maprunner. launch, magni_lidar_maprunner_amcl.launch?

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Hi, I’m also using the Magni Silver with ROS Noetic, found the demo files under Magni_demos through “”.

The package magni_lidar is something I am searching for too, not sure if available for Noetic yet. Have been able to control the robot and see lidar/sonar data in Rviz, but could not get the mapmaking to work. Hope the first part helps you find the rest of the demos though.

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The older demo files under gthub/demos have been deprecated. We are working on getting some new ones working.