Magni Hub Motors

We have been testing the Magni and have some trouble with the wheels slipping. Our office is not the ideal environment as the floors are polished concrete but the performance is pretty bad.

I was wondering how flexible the MCB is, can I use it with other 8 inch hub motors?

Alternatively do you know if it’s possible to replace the rubber part of the hub motors with a tire that is both softer and has a flatter profile?



In general wheel slippage issues can be ameliorated by changing the acceleration limits.

I would suggest that you lower the acceleration (and perhaps the jerk) limits in the motor controller.

See the motor controller documentation here:

Most of these parameters can be dynamically set with rqt.

If you would like we can get you motors with different tyres, but this is not recommended, softer tyres will make the odometery less accurate as will tyres with a wider profile. That said though we can investigate options email for more information.

Using non-standard brushless hub motors is also not recommended as using the wrong motor can destroy the motor-controller. Our master controller can switch 500W of power for the motors alone - let alone power supplies, computers etc. It has to do this very efficiently or the motor controller will rapidly over-heat. Our motor controller is tuned to the motors we supply and while others may work - there is no guarantee. We have tried non-standard motors which resulted in lots of magic blue smoke.