Magni_bringup is being deleted

Hi, we have a problem, the bringup of the magni is being deleted when I reboot the robot. It start to happen when I began to use the multimachine with another Pc. Do you know what could be the problem?

What do mean by deleted?

What is the output of systemctl status magni-base

The folder magni_bringup disappears on the path: / opt / ros / kinetic / lib and on the / opt / ros / kinetic / share. when the folder disappears the topics stop running. Now the problem seems solved, I think that it is because we uninstalled the ntp. We was using ntp to synchronize the time between the Raspberry and other pc.

Ah, I see what was going on.

We use chrony instead of ntp for better programibility, and if you install ntp it removes both chrony and the packages that depend on it (like magni_bringup).

For time syncing with chrony:

On the laptop (with chrony installed):

sudo chronyc -a local stratum 10

sudo chronyc -a allow 0/0

On the pi (with chrony installed):

sudo systemctl stop magni-base

sudo chronyc -a add server LAPTOP iburst

sudo chronyc -a burst 2/4

sudo systemctl start magni-base

This time sync fix for if it gets broken has been added to our ‘Learn’ docs. near end of page.