LIDAR and which one


Hi, there. I am a new owner of the Magni-Silver “God of Strength, very cool”.
I have gotten everything running an I like it. :grinning:
I have not used ad-hoc and zeroconf in a robot since my crawler interest day’s and the (Older spider robot from what was erle-robotics). It is fun to see your system seems nice and tight, good job! The above mentioned system would crash / trash there ad-hoc zerconf system if you tried to run a update, so cu-does for doing it the right way.
Here is my question, what Lidar would you suggest or recommend?
Remembering we wish to run outside as well as inside a building, and need drivers
for a raspberry pi on ROS?
I plan to mount it in the center of the top plate and price, under say $2,000.00.


We have used the SICK551 pretty successfully on the robot, but pricing on that (while not publicly available) seems to be out of your budget (~$2500).

The base model Hokoyu seems to fit within your budget, and should work with ROS on the Raspberry Pi


Thank you, I believe I have that unit. I’ll let ya know how it goes. P.S. I have the
Seeed Studio RPLiDAR S1 Portable ToF Laser Scanner Kit - 40M Range on order.
I hope this might do the job, if i can get drivers this could be the best bang for the buck.


Yes you’ll note that there are 5 and 12V power supplies available on the MCB board.

Also note that for the SICK on the front of the robot you have mount points for the LIDAR. You may have to remove the Sonar board to fit everything in, but you should be able to mount the SICK lidar without having to make any modifications to the chassis.