Is there a method in which I can run the magni without using ros

So, I was curious if there was a way where I would control the magni using basic python scripts to control it. Without having ros as the middleware?

Just something I am exploring

Sure, you just have to write your own motor controller script that talks to the MCB using serial.

Why would you not want to use ROS? If Python 3’s the issue then it would be easier to either wait another month or two until we have Noetic support or write a way to interface your external script with the ROS part. Websockets would be easiest most likely.

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More specifically I point you to two existing programs that can do simple speed control.

This python β€˜tool’ allows sending raw speed commands to the MCB. Look at commands for the β€˜1’, β€˜2’ and other 1-9 speed commands.

This Arduino Nano sketch controls velocity in simple ways:

Where your question becomes complex is in reading back how fast the robot is going and a great many other control methods. That is beyond this explanation. Very involved.


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