Installing intel Realsense Camera d435 librealsense error

I am trying to install the camera to use it for the robot, however when I install librealsense2 for the ros-kinetic distro, and the try to upgrade it gives me the following error:

if you need any extra information, just let me know.

Is your pi running arm32 bit? Can you get a still picture via cheese or raspistill?

Hi @IngeniousDoc this looks like Intel not supporting 32-bit arm (armhf) for librealsense2. You may have to try compiling from source, or see if there is someone else who has a working armhf build of librealsense2.

Either way you will probably have better luck on a forum with more realsense users.

Hope it helps,

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So basically, I was able to run the camera through USB cam package, however it would run the one for depth perception. But I think like you said, the library itself for some reason doesn’t support the raspberry pi.

I am gonna try to ask around on intel realsense forum.

Thanks guys!!

I can view the image with usb cam node running, but it’s the depth perception image, but I think there is an issue with the library…

openni2_camera sudo apt install