Install ros-i2cpwmboard

Hi all

I am trying to install ros-i2cpwmboard on my Rasperry Pi3 with Ubiquityrobot.
Unfortunately, I have this message:
fatal: unable to access “https: // bradanlane / ros-i2cpwmboard.git /”: Unable to resolve host:

With the web browser I can see the website.

Thanks in advance

Show us the exact line that is failing that you are using to do git clone or whatever your install requires.

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I believe that your install may have wanted you to type without the ‘:’ you are showing.

This works for me:
git clone

You will have another problem because doing a clone of this into ~/catkin_ws/src you will at catkin_make time hit a harder to resolve issue than this clone. Our image will not have i2c_smbus files

This is beyond my time to resolve this, tried a few things but no luck.
Sorry but this is the way of the world for use of shared code when the code you are wanting to use requires other things.

I see some hits on i2c_smbus issue like this but none resolved my try.
I have to give up as the weeds are getting deep and I gave it a try but no luck.
Good luck, it looks like a nice board to use, maybe there is different ROS driver somewhere.

Thanks Mark
I am a newbie and would like to learn how to use ROS.
Do you have any advice how to study it?

Thanks in advance

for ROS initial learning, see this thread here on the forum: How to start learning ROS with ubiquity?

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