I'm unable to connect Magni to my wifi network

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I’m unable to connect Magni to my local wifi network,

when I do a pifi list seen , it returns nothing,

Tried instructions here:

Do I have to change the hostname and also password first? in order for Magni to connect to my local wifi ?

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Yeaah that function’s currently broken to my knowledge, but as long as you know your wifi’s name and password it’s a superfluous.

You don’t have to change the robot’s password, just change the hostname using:

sudo pifi set-hostname robotname


sudo pifi add networkname password

And it should work after a reboot. If it doesn’t then the robot probably doesn’t get enough signal from the network to connect. The Pi’s PCB antenna is rather weak anyhow.

Hi @MoffKalast

My network name has two words and a space in between , is this allowed in the command? you mentioned ,

Thank you

Ah yes indeed that does require you to put the name in quotes, like so:

sudo pifi add "network name with spaces" password

That’s just how bash scripting works in general.

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I got it working, thank you for your help

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