I am trying to build a navigation stack

So I’ve been using “catkin_make” to build the packages inside my catkin_ws, but there is this package that is really giving me a hard time because it can only be built thru “catkin build” (neither “catkin_make” nor “catkin_make_isolated”). When I tried to build it using “catkin build”, it gave me the error shown in the screenshot.

My question is, how can I build this package? and for the future, how can I use both “catkin_make” and “catkin build” without getting much pain?

Ah yes, the simplest way to solve that is to create a separate workspace just for that. So beside your catkin_ws you’ll need to make another, perhaps catkinbuild_ws, then add only the build packages into the src folder of that one and catkin build.

Of course don’t forget to source the new workspace in .bashrc as well (note that the order of sourcing matters). To verify that all has been sourced correctly run env | grep CMAKE and you should see all the workspace paths listed, along with the ros installation dir. I can’t recall the correct order off the top of my head but it should be easy to switch them and check.

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