How to start learning ROS with ubiquity?


I would like to start programming my magni robot. Where I can start from? Could you please give me an advise how to start with ROS and ubiquity robot. I launched all the applications described from the ubuiquity site but sill I can’t create my own application. Please, help!

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The first and foremost thing I would suggest, as it has helped me as well, is for you to first start learning ROS. Either using the ROS wiki page, which offers extensive tutorials and outside links to countless tutorials.

Once you have a good grip of ROS and its workings, I would start kind of testing existing packages and trying to go for prebuilt projects.

Slowly, you’ll start grasping how to use ros and develop your own packages and like projects.

Few things to note:

  • you need to know how to program, i.e. have programming experience in python or c++
  • it’ll be quite an extensive process but you’ll learn a lot honestly, and the satisfaction from building things is amazing.
  • for a soft start, just try to run and understand the projects/codes which are there on the magni website
  • I am not saying this way is the correct way, but it’s basically how I personally picked up learning and working with the magni

Resources you can learn ROS I would suggest are:

  • (this is the ros main website)
  • (these guys have very detailed and extensive courses and interactive courses for using ros with robots, with different distros as well!)
  • ROS for beginners: basics, motion, and openCV by anis Koubaa (this is a paid course on udemy, they usually have sales. I got this course for 10.99$ it is worth it honestly)
  • ROS for Beginners II: localization, navigation and SLAM by Anis koubaa (continuation of the previous course, also on udemy. This man really goes into detail and you can contact him as well for help)

again, this isn’t the only way to learn ROS, but this is the way I kind of picked up learning ROS and working on the magni

Enjoy, and goodluck!!


I thank for his stepping in and offering this reply above. It is a good reply.

There is no ‘Learning Curve’ for ROS, it is often called a ‘Learning Cliff’ so jump on in and learn learn learn!

The base page for Magni specific information is here and well worth a bookmark:

We have been trying to setup a support network of users to help each other as we step in to help as well of course.

Thank You IngeniousDoc!



If you are looking for book recommendations, my favorite is “Programming Robots with ROS” from O’Riley

@IngeniousDoc provided some great advice, and I just have a few things to add.

Note that actually creating your own interesting application is about 70% programming and 30% understanding ROS. If you are good with programming, I would try writing a node that simply sends a speed for a certain amount of time just to understand the mechanics of ROS. If programming is not your strong suit, then it might be easier to try modifying example programs to get the hang of it first.

Hope that helps.

Rohan Agrawal