How to enable VNC


I downloaded an image for RPI3 image from ubiquity

  • how do I enable vnc ? where is raspi-config ?

  • is there a way to install regular raspbian window manager instead ?


We don’t really support VNC at the moment, most of our customers are using SSH and command line.

As for the raspbian window manager, I believe that is based off LXDE (which is what we use), but I am not sure how easy it is to port their customizations over.

In general the GUI is provided for debugging only, as the recommended operation of Magni is ‘headless’ or without any form of monitor.


ok I’ll do it that way,

yet not raspi-config equivalent ? really limitative if one wants to enable/disable features

i used VNC, you install it like another linux.
It work fine, but not appear in raspi-config.