How to control magni robot using my phone?

I would like to control the magni robot using my android phone. I see that you have Robot Commander app working with my phone. I would like to ask about the code or how did you create this application? Did you use rosjava and android studio or any other software platform? Thank you!

Robot Commander is actually made with javascript and packaged with cordova iirc, there should be a repo somewhere out there, though I’m not entirely sure where.

Regardless, we’re now working on a platform agnostic web version that runs everywhere and also includes stuff like mapping and route planning. Not quite open source yet, but some parts of it will be soon.

In the meantime though you might want to check out this awesome project called ROS Mobile which uses a native android app to connect to ROS. You’ll need to alter the default env variables for it to work properly though.

The code @MoffKalast is discussing is a huge deal. It will allow our robots we ship to have a web page interface to control. This is a huge improvement over required use of robot commander. Please stand-by. This may take a couple months to get this all available. We are planing on having basic web page control available to every one and significant advanced navigation abilities available as a feature to those who need it at a later date. this is all in our feature map and we hope to have it ready by the mid 2022 timeframe but that is not a promise, just our internal goal

Also note while Robot Commander is about 8 years old, It does have a voice command option that depends on having a good network / google voice commands. The web version of this code is on our github at:

I Have had this working 2 years ago in Kinetic, and I am sure you could get it to work in Noetic.