How to connect magni robot using ROS-MOBILE App?

I would like to create a mobile application for control of the magni robot. I found one application: ROS-Mobile - ROS Wiki
I’ve started to connect the robot but I can’t establish ssh connection. Do you have any experience with this application? Could you please suggest a suitable software platform for creation of mobile ros applications for android? Thank you!

Ah yes, I’ve developed a quite elaborate system using our kinetic image and ROS Mobile recently.

The issue lies in the ros configuration, which is frankly not quite up to spec by default (only ROS_HOSTNAME is defined iirc, while ros mobile needs the whole shebang). As it stands the roscore service will die at boot if you simply define a fixed ROS_IP as the wifi network isn’t quite there yet when it starts up. So it’s not straightforward to fix it.

I’ve written some scripts that set up the correct ROS_IP in all cases by default at boot, which seem to work (at least for the pifi added wifi networks and AP mode, ethernet probably won’t) but haven’t been tested extensively. It would be great to see someone else try them out and see if the changes work outside of my specific setup.

Here’s a quickly thrown together git repo with the changed files, with instructions what to replace:

Let me know if it works :smiley:

Just to be clear, ROS Mobile will connect without it, but no data transfer will occur if it’s not set up properly (dead widgets). SSH seemed to work for me in all cases I think.


Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I can’t connect SSH terminal using ROS_MOBILE. I connected master node URI but SSH terminal not. I’ve replaced all files according to your instructions but still nothing.

Hm, are you using the right credentials? By default it tries to log in as the “pi” user. The following seems to work for me:

AP mode would be the same but

Also check if your mobile network is set to disabled, otherwise android is confused where to send packets to.


I’ve stopped the mobile network.

Where I have to put this AP

Thank you! I’ve established a connection!

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How to start the robot? I’ve launched roslaunch magni_nav move_basic.launch
I tried the joystick but still nothing!

Hmm that would imply that the configuration isn’t quite right, though it should’ve been handled by those services. Perhaps I missed something that I changed.

If you ssh onto the robot and run these commands:

echo $ROS_IP

What do you get?

It should be the following: