Headless Pi, access point and networking questions

Hi all,

I’ve been tasked with adding a manipulator arm to a mobile robot that has been worked on by several previous teams. The current Pi on the robot is a Pi 3b+ using the image from this company.

Later today I am planning to test the arm using my linux workstation and a project I found online.

I’ve read most of the long PDF by Robotis about intro to ROS via the turtlebot, but I still have some questions…

  1. For this Pi image, what files control the Magni program automatically starting up after the Pi has finished booting?
    I need to know what launch files or other files to edit so that when I add the manipulator package onto the remote Pi (the one on the mobile robot), the correct nodes will start up

  2. what controls the wireless access point that the remote Pi starts?

  3. Can I plug an LAN cable into the Ethernet port of the remote Pi and connect to the internet at the same time as it is a wireless access point? I need to download some files and programs onto the remote pi related to the manipulator arm.

  1. Check in /usr/sbin/magni-base, that’s where the base.launch is started after boot. There’s also a roscore service that runs before that one, but it starts no nodes so you can probably leave it be. I’d suggest just cloning magni_robot from github into catkin_ws, which will replace the apt installed one and you’ll more easily just add lines into base.launch

  2. That would be pifi. I think the AP mode startup process is done somewhere in the launch_core.py file which gets started by base.launch.

  3. Yes, the config for ethernet should be in /network/interfaces.

Btw, if you’re looking for more data on the magni don’t forget about https://learn.ubiquityrobotics.com/

Thank you for the response. I will be looking into these items very soon.