Having trouble with recent images in older boards

Hello there!

I have a Ubiquity Board here, Rev 5.0, and was trying to update it to the newest Pi images. However, I stumbled upon a problem - the navigation, overall, started getting very weird, much like the robot was walking in constant pushes, instead of a normal navigation, and that even with the controller. That was both for the newest 20.04 and 16.04 images.

However, that problem disappeared once I decided to use one of the older Pi images, the ones from 2019. Once I started using them, the navigation and control once again got smooth as butter.

Is this a problem? Are the newest Pi images uncompatible with the older boards? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hmm, have you tried updating the mcb firmware? I think from some image onwards it’s recommended to use v43.

You point out something that we do not as of yet have a full testing suite and bandwidth in the team to do the sort of testing you are discussing. I myself don’t often use boards back to 5.0 but I can say that we feel the firmware may be involved here. As of the shipments of Raspberry Pi 4 in units we have had to fix many issues to maintain proper operation with raspberry pi 4 boards.

I confess we lack manpower to do regression testing on these images back farther than MCB rev 5.2 (the first board to support Raspberry Pi 4 more excessive power requirements.

What I think we COULD do to better inform customers of our images is clearly state in the image info what versions of raspberry pi and MCB rev and MCB firmware we did test this image upon.

These days that would be a current MCB rev 5.3 with mods to support a Raspberry Pi 4 that wants 5.1V.

Rev 5.0 MCB boards are (sadly) seldom to never tested with these images. That is the reality of our small testing capacity as well as what units we have that even have rev 5.0 boards. We consider rev 5.1 boards using Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B processors as still something we wish to support well. It is frankly a function of our ability to cross test these combinations. I am sorry it seems to have been an issue for your Magni.

This is ‘non ideal’ but we are still a small-ish company and must prioritize testing efforts.

Thank you for your feedback it will be discussed so we can either inform users of what configurations are tested for a given version and perhaps expand our image qualification tests.