GPS Module with Magni

Hello all,

I am trying to use a Neo-M8N GPS Module with the magni robot. The problem I am having is that I need access to the UART TX and RX pins (GPIO 14 and 15), 5V and GND of the raspberry pi. Is there anyway that I can access these while using the sonar board and the Magni software? Thank you!

Actually, I just found the Magni MCB Pinout. Can I connect my GPS Module to P508 and receive the information from there?

The standard serial port on the Magni us used to talk to the MCB board.
The signals on P508 and P507 are not available for usage as they are needed for Magni operation.

What I often do that works out very well for adding serial devices is get a usb to serial port device, often called a FDDI port. These come out with a connector that will supply your GPS with grond, 5V (some have 3.3V) and a receive and transmit. A great many GPS devices can be used with this style of device. Use these keywords to find them ‘usb to serial cp2102’ You can find them very low cost on EBAY or can find them at popular hobby electronics sites like sparkfun or likely at Adafruit. I get them on Ebay. Take a look at these two possible ones, I prefer the once based on the Cp2102 type chip. Look at these and

When you plug this sort of usb to serial port device into a USB jack on the Raspberry P you will see a new device that is /dev/ttyUSB0 and then that can be used easily.

@mjstn2011 Thank you! I ordered one this morning and will try it out! Thanks once again!