For Sale: Used Ubiquity Magni Base + 2x 35Ah Batteries + Slamtec A2M6 LIDAR

Is anyone in need of a used Ubiquity Magni? My startup bought a brand new Magni less than a year ago (April 2020) but we’re not in the robotics field anymore. Everything works. One Sonar sensor is dented but can be easily swapped with the spare included. Here’s what we have:

  • Magni Base – $1000 or best offer
  • Spare Sonar sensor – $0, included
  • Spare DC power plug socket – $0, included
  • Raspberry Pi 3B board and SD card - $0, included
  • Two (2) high-power 12V DC Gel-Cell Sealed Lead Acid 35Ah batteries (brand new retails for ~$80 each) – $0, included
  • Slamtec RPLIDAR A2M6, LIDAR sensor (brand new: ~$500) – $250 or best offer
  • Two (2) custom fabricated mount plates for payload on top of the Magni – laser-cut Delrin with extruded aluminium reinforcement tubes. Mount plate are exactly the same dimensions as the removable galvanized aluminium plate that comes with the Magni Base as the top mounted plate – $0, included

Total for this setup: $1,250

Hit me up if you or anyone you know is interested in this setup. The Magni is in it’s original shipping box and can be viewed/picked-up in Palo Alto, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call / text me on 650-383-7184 or email me at: Thanks -Ravi

Please keep all negotiations and questions offline and discuss whatever is needed direct to the supplied email and not on this forum.That is part of our privacy policy and makes sense anyway for everyones security and also will limit emails to the many forum members.
Thanks, Mark

The Magni is no longer available.

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