Fiducial is not following

My Fiducial is not working is not responding, the camera is working, and when i am in the EZ mapping mode the camera sees the fiducial symbol, but the Magni does not follow me.
The symbol is 14cmx14cm.

Please help!

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, the robot sees the fiducial but doesn’t follow it? EZ-Map doesn’t really follow fiducials, it follows the goals set up in the web interface. It should show the markers on the map so you can set up goals in the same spot, but it doesn’t do it automatically. Conveyorbot does the marker following.

Thanks! But are you implying that outside of the EZ-Map, the fiducial do not work in follow me mode on the Magni and only works on the Conveyorbot?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying there. You mean inside of EZmap?

To put it simply:

  • EZ-Map has you map the area with a lidar, and then lets you define virtual goals the robot then follows

  • Conveyorbot needs physical STag markers placed on the ground which it then sees with the camera and follows based on the defined order

EZ-Map also detects markers but they’re used for other purpouses, and Conveyorbot also uses a lidar but only for collision avoidance.