Documentation for Shutdown

I have read the main documentation and I cannot find any instructions for proper shutdown.

Can someone provide a link to such?

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You are correct, we do not explain that well at all. Apologies. We do have a button that will do a shutdown and it is only directly exposed as a button on the ‘sonar board’. You can if you don’t have a sonar board make a button to go from Raspberry Pi GPIO 6 which goes to pin 31 of the large 50 pin connector, P702, to pin 30 that is very near on P702. See this ‘learn’ page for a table in the middle that mentions this shutdown feature:

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I do a great deal of improvements to the Learn pages and will get this exposed in a less buried location for sure. Thanks for the inputs. This had been discussed as a possible feature for future MCB boards as well I should note.

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Today I have added a section about the built in linux computer, the raspberry Pi, to a page on our learn documents. Besides a few words on some key high level operations for the raspberry Pi I have gone into detail on the ways to access or add a shutdown button as well.

See the text on Linux Host Compter in the middle of the page

Thanks for pointing out this issue

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If not using the shutdown button on the sonar board, are there instructions to perform before power off Magni?

I try to remember to issue the following cmds at the end of the session:

rostopic echo /battery_state [check battery]

rosnode kill -a [stop all ros nodes]

sudo shutdown -h now [stop ubuntu]

Red switch in

Black switch in

Is this the proper procedure?

The only command you need to run is sudo shutdown -h now, this will stop all the ROS nodes too. Checking the battery level is optional, it is purely informational.

Red switch then black switch is good practice as that way the robot will be E-Stopped when you turn it on, as long as you remember to un-estop when you turn it on. Just the black switch will turn the robot off completely, and it will be fully on (including motors) when you turn it on with the black switch again.


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Again, a good point. I will integrate into the Learn page documentation the process Rohan has outlined. That is what we all do here but it should be stated for high level usage info on the learn pages. Sometimes we overlook some key pieces of documentation and we thank you for pointing out places we can improve the documents. Thanks.

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Learn pages are updated. Top level page now indicates and points to page for starting and stopping the robot. That page now has description of all we have discussed here. Thank you for your inputs.

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