Documentation for Rasberry Pi build


The aim of this thread is to discuss and improve the documentation for Rasberry Pi build using Software Architecture diagrams that enable easier understanding of the software architecture.


Hi @akmoorthy,

Thanks for starting this thread about documenting the Pi image.
As the builder of the image l’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.



Hi @rohbotics,
Can you provide a recipe that you follow for installing and configuring ROS for your PI image? I was able to use your image for the PI as the master to control a LEGO ev3, but I need it on Raspbian so I can uses the Intel Neural Compute Stick’s SDKs. I tried installing from scratch on but run into issues with roslaunch.


Sorry for the delay, the scripts for building the image are in this repo

I am not sure how well a Raspbian based solution will be supported, what is the reason you need Raspbian?



ROS website has instructions for build and configuration. I agree with Rohan on caution of Rasbian build.

They are porting it for other operating systems. As of today, you
need to keep in mind the following:ROS is known to have dependencies on Ubuntu. ( basicallyROS is Ubuntu + some libraries)You can do a custom build on any Debian based Unix (including Rasbian) but its more involved process, will encounter issues that will take time to resolve. I would not do it.

Even for our pi wars robot competition we are using Ubiquity build (based on Ubuntu) as its out of the box.

I would recommend you try to bring your specific libraries to ROS rather than trying to build ROS on Raspbian.

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