Design Adjustment Suggestion: CRUCIAL TO SAFETY

So, the other day I was working on the Magni and I wanted to adjust the position of the camera and move it around. Accidentally the camera slipped inside the casing (the front side of course) and it somehow managed to spark and short circuit with the battery line.
Below are attached images of where the shorting happened and what happened.

The camera was fried as it can be seen, this also resulted in it affecting the raspberry pi, thank god the MCB was not damaged and works fine.
However, the design flaw lies here:

If you zoom into the picture right above the black piece, you can see a small protruding metal washer. Understandably, this would be necessary to secure the connection. The issue with this is the fact that this is in direct line with the batteries of the Magni… shown below (image is taken from the other side):

I of course had to cover the other side with tape to ensure that it doesn’t happen again…
I would suggest perhaps using a different kind of piece for the black one or some form of casing to possibly cover the washer from the front side.

Let me know what you guys think!!

Edit: for future users as well, disconnect batteries completely before adding/adjusting any equipment to avoid any form of danger

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We try to as much as possible tell people they must NOT do any hardware mods or cable changes unless the red (+) lead is taken off of the battery. Not everyone really gets this.
It is critical.

Please see the highlighted in red text present on many pages but in this case it is right on the top of our camera page. This is the link.

Sorry you had this happen. That is part of the ‘fun’ of allowing an open platform and everyone to do changes here and there. We do really try to warn people that read our online manuals.

I share your pain, trust me. This stuff happens from time to time.

Take Care,


You are right it is critical, I am kind of sad I had to learn this the hard way :joy: