Demos Questions


So, I run the demos available and successfully manage to make the robot move, with the Android App, with the Computer Keyboard and with Fiducial Follow.

But I have some questions:

  1. In the demo “move_demo”, what is supposed to happen? Because when I run it, nothing happens.

  2. The same thing happens with the demo “dnn_rotate”.

  3. Can you tell me where I can find the file “” ? I search all the VM and I can’t find it.

Thank you and best regards.

Just saw this post, sorry for delay.

On our recent image teleop_twist is in path below

Move demo never got the the point of being fully supported and thus documented.
move_demo allows moving forward or reverse using this command:
rosrun move_demo forward 0.5
Distance is 0.5 here and is in meters where it is positive for forward, negative for reverse.
If reverse is about a half meter or more the Magni turns around before the reverse.

For just a rotate you many use this command
rosrun move_demo rotate 45

the 45 is degrees where positive is to the left.

We are on the verge of a significant update to fiducial follow that will also allow messages to it to do basic forward or rotate and given a slightly downward facing camera mount not yet in production will allow following fiducials on the floor which is one mode that can be valuable for certain robotic applications.

I am not aware of how dnn_rotate operates, sorry.