Changing follow_me demo to another fidcuial

I’m a beginner and wanted to do the follow_me demo. It works perfectly fine, but if i were to do the same functionality using a different Fiducial ID it does not work.
I changed line 68 of to:

self.target_fiducial = rospy.get_param("~target_fiducial", "fid102")

the console shows it detected 102, but it still follows 49. What else needs to be changed to make magni follow any of the Fiducial ID i define in the code?
Thank you.

Are you using a launch file? A launch file OR a command line parameter when you start may be over-riding your setting. The line you show is going to ‘default’ to fid102 but if there is a define ros parameter then it will use that.

As verification around line 106 area print out self.target_fiducial just before it starts the main loop of the program.

My bad i did not change the launch file parameter.
Thank you.

ok, great. glad this is resolved!