Capacitor and 12V supply

I am not sure if they are related: I found the 12V power supply sometimes cut off, and the capacitor marked red is detached from the soldering pad.

  1. how can I modify it? could you tell me where the 2 pins connected?
  2. how much current the 12V port can normally supply?

Well there are 2 X 12V supplies. Each can usually supply 7A of current. The 12V main is shared with circuits on the board that also require 12V and those circuits consume between 0.5 and 1A leaving about 6A for users. While its not on the data-sheet these supplies can surge up to 10A easily, but tend to get rather hot when doing so.

The supplies are excellent and very robust (you can put a metal object across the output of the power supplies the supply will shut down gracefully and come back right afterwards without any issues) however they do have limitations. In particular they take a few hundred milliseconds to respond to large changes in load - so if you have a load where the power consumption jumps around a lot (A WiFi router is a classic example - as a packet gets transmitted the power consumption jumps) you can sometimes have problems and the capacitor is there to smooth out those problems.

If the capacitor has become detached AND you have a load that jumps around you are likely to have a problem. You can reattach the capacitor, or simply try switching to the from Aux to main or main to aux as the case may be.

As an FYI: Our next run of Magni units is loaded with changes many of which are to remove mechanical issues. One of the mechanical issues is that the capacitor you point out is being relocated and will be vertical. We know this capacitor is an issue but mostly because it complicates insertion and removal of the motor controller board.

This is Yanghuang.Pu from Rapyuta Robotics.
Thank you for your update, actually the capacitor I mentioned is for 5V not 12V, but I added extra capacitor for 12V and “12V power supply sometimes cut off” does not happen again.
Yes I strongly recommend to make all Al capacitors vertical. the 1st version looks dangerous.
we will buy 6 sets this time, I hope the mechanical issues could be solved this time.
Also could you give us an update of all changes?