Cannot do firmware upgrade

Hello. My ubiquity robot cannot communicate with the motor. So I disable the motor control to do firmware upgrade but error appears.

Can anyone please help me ? Thank you.

Hmm right, I think the automatic upgrade is broken right now, you’ll have to do something like:

roscd ubiquity_motor
python2 scripts/ --file firmware/v43_20210829_enc.cyacd

Already try your suggestion but still cant, the same error appears.

This is the error : “Exception: Packet did not start with valid start byte, instead: ← [] – header: ← []”

Ah that does sound more like a hardware issue, @mjstn2011 ever seen anything similar?

hi, is it because of the motor control board problem ?

Send email to and in the subject line say Cannot load firmware ATTENTION Mark
This sounds like serial communications problem. Best to deal with in email so I can send things. Thanks, Mark

In the email please say the MCB board revision, on left front edge in white.

Take a look at this link below Part 1.1 and Part 2.1 and report in the email what you see on your Magni. Also include serial number on MCB big board on the white tag OR just a picture of that white tag that is readable.