Beta testers for New OLED display

If you like to play with new code AND you want to see your robot’s IP address as well as continually updated battery voltage on the OLED display then read on!

See if you have a small 3.5 x 3 cm little glass panel on the lower right of your board. If you have rev 5.2 or later it should be there. It sticks out 1cm from the main board.

You would need to clone our latest OLED ROS node like this but be able to have your robot see the internet. (easy way is plug in ethernet cable to the RasPi host).
More complex way is connect to your wifi with credentails using our ‘pifi’ tool.
Here is how to setup wifi:

Once you do the things below you do not need to be on internet to use this new feature

Once you can see web (try ssh session and ‘ping’ for example)

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone
cd ~/catkin_ws
sudo systemctl stop magni-base (this is to stop magni software)
catkin_make (this will make the code)

Next you have to use the oled github readme and see the 'Launching the Node From a ROS Launch File. See the readme here:

If all goes well your next reboot (sudo shutdown -r now) will get you an OLED display!

May the Robot Force Be With You!

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