Battery voltage => what happens if I use 36v or 48v instead of 24v?



the robot can accept any type of battery pack with a voltage in the range of 21V - 30V

therefore => can i use 36v or 48v batteries on the magni? => I guess it’s a no.
However, has anyone tried that? what would be the result on the drive train (if any) ?
Can i get more torque form the wheels by increasing the voltage?

=> typically to load heavier loads or pulling them on non-horizontal floor (ex: rising floor than would lead to an upper floor

has anyone tried that?



We test only a small amount over the 30V and that is not in spec. We do it simply to verify for sure that 30V would be ok. We cannot endorse use of battery voltages over 30V and we suggest you not try exceeding that specification.


Among its many safety features the robot has over-voltage protection to shutdown if voltages run outside of spec - so no a 36 or 48V battery will not work.