Battery connectors

I am having trouble figuring out what batteries to get. Some say F1, F2…
I was directed to

but there is nothing about battery connectors.


It’s F2, but F1 also works.

So your input as well as question here is what sort of battery connectors to use.

We do go into discussing many batteries but have not discussed the cables themselves. That is because we ship the Magni with two sets of cables. One set has fairly standard ‘spade lug’ connectors and the other set has large eyelet connectors. The batteries on this page below will use those sort of cables.

I like your idea of adding to that page a specific set of connectors so that if people need to make their own cables for any reason they would know what to get. We do not have that on there yet but I’ll be adding it, per your inputs.

In the mean time I show here pictures but I don’t have connector part numbers handy, that is done at our factory.

PowerCableCrimpConnectorsWithHeatShrink PowerCableCrimpConnectorsBeforeHeatShrink