Battery Charger


So, I am in the process of buying the batteries for the Magni, and i have a some questions:

  1. Which batteries do you recommend? I’m asking this question, because on the website ( it is said to purchase the UB1250, UB1290, or UB12150, and 1250 or a 1255, 1270 and 12350 sized battery.

  2. You said that is necessary to purchase 2 batteries of 12V 7Ah-10Ah. I want to know if i decided to purchase a 12V 30-35Ah, it is also necessary to purchase 2?

  3. The battery charger that is included, can re-charge every type of lead acid battery?

Thank you for the attention and best regards

David, Hi say you need two 12v Battery’s to put in series to make a 24v Battery. Look up 12v Batteries
at your Local Home Depot surprising selection and no mailing or waiting. :grinning:

We selected batteries as seen on the page that fit in our chassis.
No matter what type of 12V battery is selected you will need two batteries (Magni runs on 24V).

There are a great many ‘car’ sized batteries at Home Depot as you mention so be aware two of them will not fit in a Magni. We suggest use of two of the same capacity ‘Gel Cell’ batteries that we recommend.
Our charger will NOT support assorted Lithium based batteries so do not get those.