Autostart program

Hi, I try to do autostart program with Ubiquity sofware but can’t do it, I try with rc.local and creating folder autostart in the folder .config but nothing, what I do ? thanks.

The Magni product has it’s own autostart system so I will assume you are talking about starting your own programs other than Magni.

If that is so, I have used this system monitor at the same time as I have run the Ubiquity Robotics raspberry Pi image.

This is not part of ubiquity robotics but I am pointing this out to perhaps help you in your needs.

Look into as it is discussed on that page.

Hi @Juan_Carlos_Tique,

We are using Ubuntu 16.04 which uses systemd for the autostarting.

Maybe this post is helpful to you:

Hi, I try with all of this metods but doesn’t work :frowning:, this case its special because I use ubiquity server don’t have GUI, I wanna when my raspberry pi turn on execute automatically a script in python.

Hi @Juan_Carlos_Tique,

Sorry for the delay. Could you please provide more detail about what you tried?

We use systemd for autostarting Magni services, and it works reliably.