Announcement of availability of new firmware Beta v35

We are announcing the general availability of Main control board firmware Version v35 today!

This firmware offers two significant improvements in Magni performance.

  • Doubles the wheel encoder resolution for smoother slow speed and at rest operation
  • Improvements to the wheel control realtime code (PID loop) improve responsiveness

This firmware does require that the Raspberry Pi Linux host software be upgraded FIRST prior to loading this firmware so the host will be able to tell which firmware is active on the control board.

The v35 code is not the default yet but when running the upgrade_firmware tool you will be able to request v35.

Please refer to the FIRMWARE UPGRADE PAGE and follow the directions there to obtain this beta firmware. We have done a great deal of tests and feel it is now ready for enjoyment from all users of Magni.



Please let me know the new block diagram of PID loop ( include velocity loop ?).
Iā€™d like to simulate the servo loop.