Advisory: Firmware Upgrade available

A new firmware version (v32) is available with some critical errors fixed, please upgrade to avoid some possible safety issues.

See instructions at:

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Hey @rohbotics,

Do we have some release notes for v32 firmware release ?

@mjstn2011 Could you write up some release notes and post them here? Thanks

**ANNOUNCEMENT (UPDATED April 6): I t has been found that although v32 works great users would see a harmless but excessive amount of logging in the ROS log with the wording containing ‘DESERIALIZATION ERROR -5’

This error is really a warning that the firmware returned a parameter that the Linux side code did not know about but no harm or bad behavior would be due to that error except that the ROS logs will get a lot more of these ongoing.

As of yesterday if you update your linux side code then the linux side will know about the new parameter and no DESERIALIZATION ERROR -5 will happen.

You may do the ‘Linux Host Software Update’ at our page of to stop the excessive logs.

We are sorry this was not found till after the release of the firmware.

Today was posted a summary document that outlines Motor Control Board firmware as well as hardware revision history. Please see it as new file in the ubiquity_motor github repository that is called

This is a first cut to get this document started.

We do not tightly release ROS side motor node changes in sync with firmware releases and so generally the firmware comes out first followed by support for any newer features in a later ROS side set of binaries. Our updating page mentioned in my prior post shows the processes used to get latest firmware and ROS side software binaries.

So it is safe to upgrade the firmware? Thanks

Yes v32 is safe to use. If you want clean log files as well then it is advised you also follow the linux host software update as well which will make no extra logs show up in the ROS log. Both processes are on link above which I repeat here again as