About Temporary failure in name resolution on wifi connection

Hello, I have tried wifi connection on raspi4.
I installed the image( 2023-02-09-ubiquity-base-gdm3-focal) on my raspi4.
The raspi4 is connected with SSH of LAN cable from my PC.
SSID and passphrase of my Wifi AP are entered with raspi-config.
The PC can access internet with the AP.

Wifi SSID of the raspi4(ubiquityrobotA6AC) is appeared on the PC.
The board of raspi4 seems to be normal.
However, ping (www.google.com) on the raspi4 shows “Temporary failure in name resolution”.
So, I appended nameserver ( and to /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.
And I appended DHCP server which confirmed with ipconfig on PC.
I confirmed that above address exist in /etc/resolv.conf.
But, this problem is not resolved.
What is reason of this?

Hmm back up a bit there, can you describe your setup in a bit more detail? If I understand this right, you’ve got:

  • Pi ethernet plugged directly into your PC (with both on static IPs or what?)

  • Pi wlan in AP mode

Neither of these would really let you access the internet from the Pi.

Also you shouldn’t really be configuring the AP through raspi-config, it’s handled by network manager and pifi, so it should come up automatically by default and you can set sudo pifi set ssid password to have it connect to a local network on startup, if it doesn’t see any of the added ones it’ll fall back into AP mode again. There should be no reason to need ethernet for initial setup.

Thank you for your reply!
As you said, Pi was in AP mode. I was able to connect it to the router using the ‘pifi’ command.